A Preview of Guild events in 2013

We would like to let you know about the events we have planned so far for this year. More details will follow closer to the dates. Of course individual members will be present at a great number of events, which can be seen on their individual pages or in this blog. 

As a group we have around three or four shows a year. Some are one-offs and others regular occuring ones, like Odiham in late autumn.

Starting our year is the Alresford Craft Show on the weekend of 13-14 April. We are tempted to make this another regular one, so do tell others and invite some friend. 

Later in the Summer we'll be for the first time at the Willis Museum in Basingstoke. The Exhibition will be from 6 July to 3 August.

Odiham will be in late autumn, early winter but we don't yet have a date for it.